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Preparing for office move is different from the regular home moving that a household will need. Business relocation is usually much larger, takes a longer time and is more expensive. Besides, the specifics of it are different – the decisions that a company owner needs to take related to managing an office relocation are not the same. This is why when planning an office move checklist you should consider the following tips.

Planning An Office Move Checklist

When you know you are organizing an office move you first need to make a plan that needs to consist of a few components:

Decide when you are going to move – this will define the time frame for your planning. Organize the termination of your lease and utility contracts in time and the change of your address.

Plan your budget well and always be prepared with an extra percentage of the predicted final costs in case unexpected expenditures occur.

Which things you are going to move and what will you do with the rest of them – sell them as second hand items, donate them or store them? Remember that if you are changing the computers at the office you should make sure all confidential information is deleted from them.

Organizing an office move

For your office move plan a detailed checklist: what is to be done, how, by whom and in what deadline. Organize regular meetings of the staff working on the moving in order to keep everyone updated and track the process.

What tasks are there to be done? Look around how many offices there are to be moved, how much is the equipment, furniture and company documentation and if you can, prepare an inventory sheet. Anyway when you get in touch with moving companies during your office move preparation they will ask you these questions.

After that distribute the tasks. Every person must know what he/ she is responsible for in particular and what is the deadline for the implementation of the tasks assigned. When you prepare for an office move organizing your personnel well is crucial for the successful relocation. You can distribute the tasks between people from one department who are going to be responsible for the preparation of the moving or you can separate the things to do between the managers of the different departments – each manager can coordinate the moving of its department.

Coordinating an office move well means regular meetings. Once in a week or two organize meetings of the personnel that is preparing the relocation to keep everyone updated on what has been done and what is yet to take place.

Preparing for an Office Move

Ensuring the office moving safety means finding the reliable mover to rely on for your moving. Depending on what you are moving and what it is that you would like to leave for storage consider the following:

It is appropriate to use a home moving company for the furniture you have at the offices and at the office building.

On the other hand when preparing for an office move, for the technology at the office you can use a commercial mover. In this way every company will do for you what it is good at for a smooth relocation process.

Are you going to use a storage facility? Do you have things to take from a storage facility for the next location of your office?


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