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When people move into a new place, they tend to go through a major spring-cleaning type of situation even if it’s technically not springtime. It’s just that with a new place, comes a sense of wanting everything to be just right. People seem to clean extra hard, organize extra well and really go to all lengths to showcase their house in the best light. It looks new and they want to keep it that way. 

Once the professional movers have left your place, you’ve begun to settle in and have unpacked the most crucial moving boxes with the mighty important toothbrush and work clothes, you can then take the time to unpack and unload your belongings one box by one box. Just like it took you time to pack and sort through the items you’ll be keeping, the same happens when you’re unpacking. You’ll explore and rediscover so many items you didn’t know you had or thought you’d lost and even find things you wonder why you don’t use more. You probably got rid of much moving, now unpacking you may realize there’s things you still don’t need, remember to recycle, there’s lots of folks that could use what we throw away.


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